Literatura academica ne ofera numeroase articole valoroase pe tema masurarii performantei, care pot fi de un mare interes atat pentru academicieni, cat si pentru practicienii domeniului. si va ofera o lista complexa de articole aparute la nivel international, datand de la primele mentiuni ale KPIs in literatura stiintifica si pana la ultimele aparitii din domeniu.

Autor Titlu An Publicatie
Reza Kazemi Matin, Roza Azizi A unified network – DEA model for performance measurement of production systems 2015 Measurement
Yijia Jing, Yangyang Cui, Danyao Li The politics of performance measurement in China 2015 Policy and Society
Maurice Kügler, Christoph Nowakowski Design and Implementation of a Performance Measurement System for the German Trade Sector 2015 Business Intelligence for New-Generation Managers
Javad Sofiyabadi, Bahare Kolahi, Changiz Valmohammadi Key performance indicators measurement in service business: a fuzzy VIKOR approach 2015 Total Quality Management & Business Excellence
Michael Kühnen, Rüdiger Hahn Social Indicators in Corporate Sustainability Performance Measurement 2015 Academy of Management
Jenny M. Lewis The politics and consequences of performance measurement 2015 Policy and Society
Smriti Asthana, Hamlata Bhat A Study of Business Performance Measurement of Third Party Logistics (3PL) Organizations in the Indian Logistics Industry 2015 The Journal of Innovations
T. Rajmohan, S. Arumugam, K. Palanikumar Supply Chain Performance Measurement: A Review and Reflection 2015 Applied Mechanics and Materials
Aditya Parida, Uday Kumar, Diego Galar, Christer Stenström Performance measurement and management for maintenance: a literature review 2015 Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering
Shahnoush Shahrouzi Fard, Seyed Mehdi Hosseini Performance measurement of the after-sales service network: Evidence from the automotive industry 2015 Management Science Letters
Rapiah Mohamed, Wee Shu Hui, Ibrahim Kamal Abdul Rahman, Rozainun Abdul Aziz The relationship between strategic performance measurement system and organizational capabilities: The role of beliefs and boundary control systems 2014 Asian Journal of Business and Accounting
Anne-Marie Kruis, Sally K. Widener Managerial Influence in Performance Measurement System Design: A Recipe for Failure? 2014 Behavioral Research in Accounting
Mary A. Malina, Frank H. Selto Is performance measurement and management fit for the future? 2014 Journal of Management Accounting Research
Mary A. Malina, Frank H. Selto Behavioral-Economic Nudges and Performance Measurement Models 2014 Journal of Management Accounting Research
Wayne Ferson, Jerchern Lin Alpha and Performance Measurement: The Effects of Investor Disagreement and Heterogeneity 2014 The Journal of Finance
Xenophon Koufteros, Anto (John) Verghese, Lorenzo Lucianetti The effect of performance measurement systems on firm performance: A cross-sectional and a longitudinal study 2014 Journal of Operations Management
Herbert F. Lewis Performance Measurement of Major League Baseball Teams Using Network DEA 2014 Data Envelopment Analysis: International Series in Operations Research & Management Science
Pietro Micheli, Luca Mari The theory and practice of performance measurement 2014 Management Accounting Research
Roland F. Speklé, Frank H.M. Verbeeten The use of performance measurement systems in the public sector: Effects on performance 2014 Management Accounting Research
Mateus Ricardo Nogueira Vilanova, Paulo Magalhães Filho, José Antônio Perrella Balestieri Performance measurement and indicators for water supply management: Review and international cases 2014 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
Rogerio Tadeu de Oliveira Lacerda, Leonardo Ensslin, Sandra Rolim Ensslin Research opportunities in strategic management field: a performance measurement approach 2014 International Journal of Business Performance Management
Steven A. Melnyka, Umit Bititcib, Ken Plattsc, Jutta Tobiasd & Bjørn Andersene Is Performance Measurement And Management Fit for the Future 2013 Management Accounting Research
Vesna Bosilj Vukšića, Mirjana Pejić Bacha & Aleš Popovič Supporting Performance Management with Business Process Management and Business Intelligence: A Case Analysis of Integration and Orchestration 2013 International Journal of Information Management
Poul A. Nielsen Performance Management, Managerial Authority, and Public Service Performance 2013 Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory
Ulrik Hvidman & Simon Calmar Andersen The Impact of Performance Management in Public and Private Organizations 2013 Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory
Adelien Decramera, Carine Smoldersa & Alex Vanderstraeten Employee Performance Management Culture and System Features in Higher Education: Relationship with Employee Performance Management Satisfaction 2013 The International Journal of Human Resource Management
Vincent O'Connell & Don O'Sullivan The Influence of Lead Indicator Strength on the Use of Nonfinancial Measures in Performance Management: Evidence from CEO Compensation Schemes 2013 Strategic Management Journal
Steffen Bohni Nielsen & David E. K. Hunter Challenges to and Forms of Complementarity Between Performance Management and Evaluation 2013 New Directions for Evaluation
Joachim Boll & Lars Høeberg Performance Management and Evaluation in the Danish Public Employment Service 2013 New Directions for Evaluation
Harry P. Hatry Sorting the Relationships Among Performance Measurement, Program Evaluation, and Performance Management 2013 New Directions for Evaluation
D. Parker, A. Verlinden, R. Nussey, M. Ford & R.D. Pathak Critical Evaluation of Project-Based Performance Management: Change Intervention Integration 2013 International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management
Christine (Mihaescu) Demeter & Ana-Claudia Țapardel Public And Private Leadership And Performance Management 2013 Manager Journal
E. Buschor Performance Management in the public sector: Past, Current and Future Trends 2013 International Journal of Business & Finance Research
Zheng-Feng Guo et. al. An Analysis of the Degree of Diversification and Firm Performance 2012 International Journal of Business & Finance Research
Anastasia Maggina et. al. Asset Growth and Firm Performance Evidence from Greece 2012 International Journal of Business & Finance Research
Meijui Sun et. al. Impact of Divestiture Activities on Corporate Performance: Evidence from Listed Firms in Taiwan 2012 International Journal of Business & Finance Research
Lawrence M. Kahn et. al. Labor Market Policy: A Comparative View on the Costs and Benefits of Labor Market Flexibility 2012 Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
Jaba Ghonghadze et. al. Modeling the Dynamics of EU Economic Sentiment Indicators: an Interaction-Based Approach 2012 Applied Economics
Ya-Ling Huang et. al. Modeling Operational Efficiency Using Data Envelopment Analysis: Evidence from Atlantic City Hotels 2012 Global Journal of Business Research
Henry F.L. Chung et. al. Interdependence and Spillovers: is Firm Performance Affected by Others' Innovation Activities? 2012 International Business Review
Juan Carlos Matallin-Saez et. al. Mutual Fund Performance: Banking Versus Independent Managers 2012 Applied Economics Letters
Christian Grund Subjective Performance Appraisal and Inequality Aversion 2012 Applied Economics

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